CFDs or Contracts for Difference are tradable instruments that allow traders to buy and sell shares and indices without physically owning them. Because of their advantages, CFDs are a very popular trading instrument.


CFD trading offers you higher leverage and greater potential returns but this also means that there is more risk involved in these trades. You need to always make sure you are not using too much leverage.

Another plus of trading CFDs is that they offer a variety of trading options, such as shares, stocks, commodities, indices, currencies and more. This helps you diversify your portfolio and increase profits. In this case, you should be careful not to open too many positions at the same time.

Unlike other financial instruments, CFD’s is not bound to any restrictions and limitations such as time and trading capital. This means that you can act on market movements and trade CFD’s whenever you want.

Additionally, trading CFD’s with uBanker requires only a small amount of initial deposit.

More on the subject of trading CFDs, you can read in our uLearn section.

Below you can find a list of tradable CFDs uBanker offers:

Type Instrument Spreads in Value
CFD Boeing 0.07
CFD Coca Cola 0.06
CFD Apple 0.1
CFD Bank Of America 0.03
CFD Google 0.5
CFD Yahoo 0.03
CFD Citi Group 0.06
CFD Disney Walt 0.08
CFD Ibm 0.12
CFD Hewlett Packard 0.06
CFD Intel 0.12
CFD JP Morgan 0.05
CFD Microsoft 0.04
CFD General Electric 0.03
CFD Facebook 0.08
CFD Linkedin 0.5
CFD BP 0.5
CFD Siemens 0.2
CFD Deutsche Bank 0.5
CFD Groupon 0.03
CFD Ebay 0.06
CFD Amazon 1
CFD Marks & Spenser 0.4
CFD British Airways 0.22
CFD Eni 0.04
CFD Exor 0.06
CFD Fiat 0.02
CFD Luxottica 0.1
CFD Mediaset 0.02
CFD Pirelli 0.04
CFD Saipem 0.04
CFD Tod's 0.2
CFD Repsol 0.04
CFD Telefonica 0.04
CFD bnp paribas 0.3
CFD France Telecom 0.03
CFD Societe general 0.2
CFD Renault 0.06
CFD Michelin 0.2
CFD Loreal 0.5
CFD Mizuho Financial 0.12
CFD Petro China 0.14
CFD Santander 0.6
CFD Baidu 0.14
CFD Alcoa 0.02
CFD Caterpillar 0.1
CFD Exxon Mobil 0.1
CFD McDonalds 0.1
CFD Pfizer 0.04
CFD Twitter 0.06
CFD Bayer 0.02
CFD Enagas 0.06
CFD Enel 0.02
CFD Iberdrola 0.02
CFD Iberia 0.04
CFD Intesa 0.02
CFD Carbon- EUA 0.1