Web Profit

uBanker’s web-based version of the PROfit trading platform – WebPROfit – offers all the advantages of the desktop platform. You can login to your account and trade directly from your browser. The web version allows for fast trade execution, access to charts and analyses, as well as, all the trading tools available in the desktop version.

Using our web - based PROfit platform allows you to place orders with only one click. You can also follow important news and receive daily analysis and updates directly to the platform.

Designed with a simple interface, the Web PROfit platform can be easily used by experienced as well as by beginner traders.

Our WebPROfit platform doesn’t take up any space on your computer and by using it you can trade from the comfort of your home or at the office.

This web-based version of the PROfit platform offers all the features of the PROfit platform available at uBanker. The online trading platform was designed to make trading not only more accessible but also comfortable for every client of uBanker.

By choosing to use the Web PROfit platform, you choose to make your orders more professional with the help of just a few clicks.

What uBanker’s web-based platform offers you:

Web Profit
  • a
    One-click order execution
  • a
    No downloads or installations required
  • a
    Instant access to your trading account
Begin your uBanker trading adventure with our Web PROfit platform.
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